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Ep 5

2013-04-29 17:32:58 by Monopolyguy03

Episode 4

2013-03-24 10:17:08 by Monopolyguy03

Working on Web Series

2013-02-20 19:25:15 by Monopolyguy03

Check out the trailer of the web series I created

Episode 1

Episode 2 trailer

Episode 3

New Animation

2010-11-30 01:44:48 by Monopolyguy03

Time is limited... I only have little time do work on anything lately...
SO... that being said, I've started storyboarding and on thursday,
Starting a new animation called Doodle...
This will be an epic tale of a noble worm and his struggles with the world around him.

More Comic to come

2010-11-12 14:17:31 by Monopolyguy03

The site won't let me put any more of the comic up... so i'll wait a day to post more...

More Comic to come

This is the first cover of Chapter 1 of Tithes... chapter 1, Limper... I will be submitting the entirety of the comic in a few days

New comic chapter 1 almost done

New Animation

2010-09-19 12:52:39 by Monopolyguy03

Called Humdrum... a new animation with a deep meaning

New Animation


2010-07-11 17:44:00 by Monopolyguy03

Why my new art posts are getting bad ratings....


Gonna restart the Comic

2010-06-13 14:09:24 by Monopolyguy03

I used to be working on a comic... gonna go ahead and restart on that... I'll post the pages soon

What to post about

2010-05-03 10:14:44 by Monopolyguy03

Well, I am currently out of ideas... I used to work at a gas station and that is where I made all my other drawings that you see... so now I wanna make more... The gas station has closed down and now I need a new ideas... I hated working at the gas station so that is why I had such good angry drawings.... give me ideas!!!!

What to post about